An African Fair Trade Boutique in Washington, DC

Reduce, Reuse, & Up-cycle!

Resourcefulness is a way of life in Africa. At Amani, it’s no different. We looked around the shop this morning and realized there was a whole collection of creatively up-cycled products to show off.

From quilts pieces with second-hand clothes to bowls twisted from scraps to computer cases dressing up with cement bags, reclaimed materials are having their day in the sun.

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One comment on “Reduce, Reuse, & Up-cycle!

  1. Ria
    March 24, 2012

    That’s so awesome! I love seeing what other people make from upcycled/recycled materials. It’s always inspirational to me!

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#rpcv , a sale for you! #amanidc #amaniyajuu #peacecorps #peace #amanidc 's thank you to all of our #peacecorps customers. Looking forward to September 23rd-27th! #dcsales @peacecorps #appreciationsale #peace #amani Did you know that our #baobab trees are now for sale in our DC shop? Our customers requested them and so we now sell these beautiful banana leaf trees, perfect for hanging pretty jewelry! #peace #amani #amaniyajuu #amanidc #baobabtree #africa #jewelry #dc Tagging and tagging and tagging all of the jewelry for our semiannual jewelry sale today and tomorrow! Only an hour in and already have had so many folks in...keep coming! #free #jewelry #buy2get1free #fairtrade #amanidc

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